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SAE 2 Pin Connector Pigtails

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What is an SAE 2 Pin  “connector pigtail”, and how can it be used?

A “connector pigtail” is a connector with a “pigtail” of cord, or leads…

A “connector pigtail” facilitates the replacement of a worn or otherwise faulty connector…

By cutting the existing cord or leads appropriately, the new connector assembly can be connected to the loose ends left by the cut.

Best Practice warrants soldering the conductor connections and the application of heat shrink tubing to re-establish insulation and protection.

Care must be taken to identify the Polarity prior to cutting, as well as making the circuit safe by parting connectors or pulling a fuse.

The Polarity of the Connector is specific: Hot (+) Positive leading to either the Protected “Female” Socket side of the connector or the Exposed Male” Pin side (either being the case with an SAE 2 Pin connector).  Specific insulation color may be indicative – for example, red indicating “Hot (+) Positive”.

Another important aspect is matching the wire gauge.  Existing fuse protection is based on protecting the existing wire gauge.  Slightly heavier would be OK, but smaller would not.

Wire Stripper Tool

Wire Stripper Tool


Vise Setup for Soldering Wires

Vise Setup for Soldering Wires

Soldering Torch, Solder, Setup

Soldering Torch, Solder, Setup

Re-insulation with Heat Shrinkable Tubing

Re-insulation with Heat Shrinkable Tubing

Finished Product with Soldered Joint Re-insulated

Finished Product with Soldered Joint Re-insulated

Beyond repairing an existing circuit, Connector Pigtails can also be used to establish a “disconnect point”, when building a circuit.

What is sometimes called a “Connector Whip”, might also prove useful.  This is a Connector assembly with a longer cord or leads – say 5′ (vs the 6″ or 12″ known as “Pigtails”).

Changing Connector assemblies provides the opportunity for upgrading.  We make available more durable configurations employing greater reinforcement for strain relief.  This adds the benefit of being easier to manipulate (connect & disconnect), as well.

As a result of frequent connection & disconnection, the conductors often become brittle and break within their insulation – thus interrupting electrical continuity.  Configurations with added strain relief (reinforcement at the back end of the connector) tend to last longer when frequently coupled & uncoupled.

Connectors “mass produced” offshore and sold at discount automotive stores, generally lack such attributes.  High Quality is immediately evident upon inspection of Connectors manufactured here in the United States to meet real world conditions and service.

We are committed to making an assortment of SAE 2 Pin Connector configurations available with wide range of conductor gauges – manufactured here in the USA, and at reasonable prices.

We do carry a mass produced SAE 2 Pin connector assembly (manufactured offshore) for appropriate application.  Our Customers are therefore able to quickly see by visual comparison, the clear differences in Quality.

To view our full Product Line – Please visit our Solar Capitalist LLC ecommerce store at:

For Commercial Quantity purchases – Please Call Us at 302-562-1706 or email Us at:


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SAE 2 Pin, SAE 2 Pole, SAE 2 Prong, SAE 2 Conductor, Flat 2 Wire Trailer Plug, 12 Volt DC Connector

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An interesting aspect of this connector is that although there are many descriptive terms (2 pin, 2 pole, 2 prong, 2 conductor, 2 wire, flat trailer plug, etc.) used to describe it, there is often much uncertainty with respect to its actual identification.  The “SAE” identifies it as a product of the automotive industry (SAE = Society of Automotive Engineers), but not everyone realizes that.  Some may find their way to one manufacturer’s marketing of this connector at an auto supply store.  Hopkins Manufacturing, widely known for trailer hitch related wiring components, markets this connector with the description “2 pole flat connector” assembly and the product number 47965.  The assembly is a 12″ long extension with red and white insulated 16 AWG conductors.  This product is mass produced outside the U.S., and the quality reflects that in terms of simplicity as well as the occurrence of quality issues.

Clearly, Hopkins avoids the “SAE” designation, as the uncertainty with respect to identification serves their purposes.  Knowing the proper designation (and/or alternate descriptions) enables the searcher to cast a wider net in pursuit of not only sources but assembly variations.

Similarly, the well known producer of Battery Tenders – Deltran Corporation, also avoids using the “SAE” designation.  Deltran’s Battery Tenders include cable assemblies using SAE 2 Pin connectors.

It doesn’t end there – SAE 2 Pin connectors are also widely used for coupling to Portable Solar Chargers.  Here too, the “SAE” designation is left out of the description.  Thus, limiting the users choices in finding alternate sources (or the fabrication) of cable assemblies.

Wikipedia includes information pertinent to this connector in its description of DC connectors:

As stated, the purpose of this Blog is to provide a forum to facilitate discussion of topics pertinent to SAE 2 Pin Connectors.  We welcome our reader’s active participation in these discussions.  Please Comment your observations, questions, and experiences !!!


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SAE 2 Pin Connector Commercial Application

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Solar Capitalist LLC and Bohemian Biker LLC are Patriotic American Citizen Owned & Operated Family Business ventures, established in 2008.  We continue to grow Our Product Line in response to Customer desires, and strive to create positive Customer experiences with Our business processes.  This SAE 2 Pin blog is one of the means by which We attempt to capture the attention of those seeking knowledge with respect to, or a Customer oriented source for Top Quality SAE 2 Pin Connectors.

Over the past 7 years, We have grown from a business addressing the needs of individual do-it-yourself Customers, to a business working hand-in-hand with other businesses – making SAE 2 Pin Connectors available in a range of wire gauge and assembly lengths has become Our forte.

We’ve leveraged the needs of businesses seeking large quantities of SAE 2 Pin assemblies, into an opportunity for individuals to obtain SAE 2 Pin assemblies to meet their needs.  Often, the order size of a commercial customer makes production feasible – and thereby precipitates the availability to those requiring even single assemblies.

Customer requirements have also driven Us to widen Our services to include custom assembly to meet application specific needs.  For example, making soldered/heat shrink protected connections.

We are ever vigilant for opportunities to expand Our Product Line, and provide Services that are desired & appreciated by Our Customers.  Often, a product is the culmination of a process involving interaction throughout the development & production processes.

Applications have been encountered that stretch the use of SAE 2 Pin Connectors beyond those of the past, and in some cases – features have been added to facilitate such application.

Engineering background developed during many years spent in a long list of field, residential, commercial and industrial environments have enabled Us to wade through the wide range of specifications that We have encountered.

We have ventured into fields & applications far beyond those We initially set out to address.  This 12 Volt DC Connector is often encountered as a Hopkins Trailer Connector P/N 47965 and sometimes called a 2 pole flat connector and used as a Quick Connect or Disconnect.  What started with motorcycle applications, battery tenders, and portable solar chargers, has transitioned to – what applications are yet to be found for the SAE 2 Pin Connector?

Even more important is an intention toward Customer Focus.  Specific Customer needs & desires are seen as an Opportunity.

Customer inquiries are Always Appreciated, and We remain Ready & Willing to address Yours – Call Us at 302-562-1706

Ray Bowers



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Availability of SAE 2 Pin Connectors and Connector Assemblies

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In addition to providing a forum for dicussions pertinent to SAE 2 Pin Connectors, making SAE 2 Pin connectors and assemblies readily available with a range of wire sizes at economical prices is our mission.

This website was created to be even more specific to the SAE 2 Pin Connector – rather than it’s application.  It was created to supplement our initial websites: and

For those wishing to procure SAE 2 Pin connector assemblies in quantity, we strongly suggest calling us at 302-562-1706, or emailing us at sae2pinray@sae2pincom

Calling or emailing will allow us the opportunity to address your needs/desires specifically.

We have a very large inventory of the 16 AWG SAE 2 Pin Extension (12″) Assembly most widely available on a retail basis – in bulk form (i.e., not coiled up in individual packaging).


Often not immediately recognized – this 12″ extension can be cut in half (into 2 connector “pigtails”) to provide a”junction” when the plugs are connected, i.e., the red “hot” lead mapped to the exposed “male” pin on one connector (“load” side) mates up with the protected “female” socket side of the other (“power” side) connector pigtail.  We make this differentiation between “Load” side and “Power” side because as a matter of safe practice – Red insulation indicating “Hot” (+) Positive by standard would lead to the protected “female” socket side on the “power source” side (for example, battery side) of the Junction.

These handy, inexpensive SAE 2 Pin assemblies are often used to provide a circuit disconnection point in a convenient location – most often in 12 volt lighting and accessory circuit systems.

Where the quality associated with offshore mass production is adequate, these assemblies might be your choice – for applications in which higher quality assemblies produced here in the USA would be best, we can certainly meet those requirements, as well !!!

Again – we strongly recommend calling us at 302-562-1706, or emailing us at

We are well prepared to address your SAE 2 Pin connector assembly needs !!!


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