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SAE 2 Pin – 10 AWG w/ Red & Black Polarity

by on Mar.03, 2017, under HD Variations

We’ve added 10 AWG 2 pin 12″, 24″, and 60″ assemblies with red & black leads to our product line.

10 AWG facilitates the desired higher current carrying capacity necessary for some applications.

Clearly, customers/installers prefer color coded polarity for certain applications.

Assemblies are available in both polarities to facilitate junctions with combinations of these 3 assembly lengths.

Based on input gained through surveying customers, these lengths are the most desirable starting point for this line of 2 pin connector assemblies.

As established with our existing product line, we refer to red leading to the protected “female” socket side as a “power side” connector, and red leading to the exposed “male” pin as a “load side” connector, with respect to junctions.

We’ve discussed the logic behind these designations at greater length in previous posts, but in a nutshell – you’d want to install a “power side” connector (with red leading to the protected “female” socket side) on the end of a set of leads connected to a power source such as a battery.

Therefore, if you’re making up an assembly for connection to it, for example coming from a solar charge controller, you’d use a “load side” connector with red leading to the exaposed “male” pin.

SAE 2 Pin Power Side - 10 AWG - 12 inch

SAE 2 Pin Power Side - 10 AWG - 12 inch

SAE 2 Pin Load Side - 10 AWG - 12 inch

SAE 2 Pin Load Side - 10 AWG - 12 inch


SAE 2 Pin Power Side - 10 AWG - 24 inch

SAE 2 Pin Power Side - 10 AWG - 24 inch

SAE 2 Pin Load Side - 10 AWG - 24 inch

SAE 2 Pin Load Side - 10 AWG - 24 inch


SAE 2 Pin Power Side - 10 AWG - 60 inch

SAE 2 Pin Power Side - 10 AWG - 60 inch

SAE 2 Pin Load Side - 10 AWG - 60 inch

SAE 2 Pin Load Side - 10 AWG - 60 inch

We will be adding these assemblies to our product line on in the near future.

Please email us or call Ray Bowers at 302-562-1706


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SAE 2 Pin Max Strain Relief & Grip

by on May.13, 2015, under Configurations, HD Variations, USA #1

SAE 2 Pin Max Strain Relief Grip

SAE 2 Pin Max Strain Relief Grip

News Flash: We’ve responded to Customer Feedback with the above SAE 2 Pin Configuration featuring enhanced Strain Relief and Grip.

We often hear customers lament with respect to the impact of frequent manipulation of the economical mass produced SAE 2 Pin connectors available in discount automotive stores.  Specifically, trouble coupling & uncoupling connectors, and conductors breaking within the insulation at the back end of the connector.  Clearly, these connector configurations are not designed with ease in coupling & uncoupling in mind.

In Answer to the Desires of Our Customers, We have Produced the above Enhanced Configuration featuring Max Strain Relief & Grip.

Please note that these Connectors are also referred to as 2-prong, 2-pole, 2-way, and flat trailer plugs.  They are often found in the battery maintenance industry (for example: on the output of a battery tender) and in the portable solar charger industry.  A basic version is commonly available from Hopkins Manufacturing as P/N 47965 as they are used in the trailer industry.

We endeavor to bring High Quality Made in the USA SAE 2 Pin Connector Assembly Configurations to the Marketplace.

Link to the Products pictured above:

To view our full Product Line – Please visit our Solar Capitalist LLC ecommerce store at:

For Commercial Quantity purchases – Please Call Us at 302-562-1706 or email Us at:




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American Made Heavy Duty SAE 2 Pin Assembly Variations

by on Feb.05, 2012, under HD Variations

Having taken on making our niche SAE 2 Pin connectors, the idea of developing a wide assortment of heavy duty variations occurred to us.  Not long after developing and manufacturing our initial offering we began addressing heavier AWG assemblies.  In this post, we will discuss the variation stages we have ventured through thus far.

Note:  All of these products are manufactured here in the United States.

The first offering manufactured by us was the assembly below – high quality SAE 2 Pin connector with enhanced strain relief and 11-1/2″ Black of SPT-1 cord with 18 AWG leads.  These proved popular with do-it-yourselfers wiring up light accessory circuits, etc.  Following that came that same SAE 2 Pin connector with 5 feet of Black SPT-1 and 16 AWG leads.







The first of our heavier duty line to be developed and manufactured was SAE 2 Pin pigtail assemblies with 12 AWG leads – 12″ long.








These were welcomed by do-it-yourselfers, as well – especially with solar enthusiasts, amateur radio enthusiasts, and others with a desire for SAE 2 Pin connectors with up-sized leads.

Initially, we manufactured this product with lead insulation colored red and black.  We called the pigtail “Power Side” when the red insulated wire lead to the protected “socket” side of the SAE 2 Pin, and called it a “Load Side” pigtail when the red insulated wire lead to the exposed male pin side of the SAE 2 Pin.

Next to be addressed was SAE 2 Pin pigtail assemblies with 10 AWG leads – 12″ long.








We chose to stick with black insulated/separate 10 AWG cables vs. red/black insulation – thus leaving polarity up to the installer.

Those two variations in hand, we were quick to follow with SAE 2 Pin “whip assemblies” 5 foot long leads in both 12 and 10 AWG.  Again, we choose to stick with black insulated/separate cables vs. red/black insulation.


As you can imagine, applying an SAE 2 Pin connector to the far end was right around the corner.  So, we started cranking out SAE 2 Pin Extensions with black insulated/separate 10 AWG cables – 5, 8, and 10 foot long.



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Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling products such as those discussed above, as well as, Deltran’s line of  Battery Tenders, and Global’s SUNLINQ line Portable Solar Chargers.

Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !

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