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12 Volt DC Electric Connector – SAE 2 Pin

by on Jul.03, 2017, under Configurations

Used to be that where one might 1st encompass an SAE 2 Pin connector would be in a 12 volt DC automotive circuit.

Clearly, the “SAE” (Society of Automotive Engineers) component of the designation is indicative of this initial application.

Widely available is the Hopkins 47965 product available in the trailer wiring department of discount automotive stores.

Later on down the road, it would probably be seeing it on battery charge maintenance equipment like a Deltran Battery Tender.

These days, one’s first exposure could very well be on Portable Solar Power equipment being used to charge hand held electronics.

Current fears regarding terrorism and political unrest has prompted a huge marketplace for the emergency preparedness industry.

The SAE 2 Pin connector configuration used in automotive applications filled the bill at the time, but today’s applications have driven further development.

More frequent coupling and uncoupling in current applications precipitated the the need for greater strain relief, and grip.

Current applications have also led to surface mount configurations, as well as shrouded configurations to minimize exposure to environmental elements.

SAE 2 Pin use by portable solar manufacturers in the development of products serving the US Military, as well as the Civilian marketplace, has prompted additional applications and significant DIY (do-it-yourself) use.

We have been serving this market with SAE 2 Pin assemblies employing enhanced configurations, as well as a wider range of AWG options.

Currently available SAE 2 Pin connector configurations and assemblies can be viewed at:

Commercial Buyers are asked to please contact us for quantity discounts vs ordering via ecommerce.

Inquiries can be directed to Ray Bowers by call/text to 302-562-1706 or email at:

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Latest List of Applications for SAE 2 Pin Connector Assemblies

by on Jun.28, 2017, under Application

Thought after close to 10 years of developing a product line of SAE 2 Pin Connector Assemblies, I’d take an opportunity to share the growing list of applications we’ve discovered through contact with both DIY and commercial customers.

No doubt the largest number of inquiries and sales are related to portable solar power applications.  This makes sense, as many pieces of portable solar equipment come equipped with SAE 2 Pin Connections.

Government / Military applications have driven significant government contractor inquiries and sales.  Specifically, electronic target system target moving apparatus for tactical training has been an application we’ve encountered.  Meeting greater specification and documentation requirements has been key to this business.

The SHTF / Prepper emergency preparedness industry has certainly prompted many to consider portable backup power equipment, and SAE 2 Pin Connectors lend themselves to ready coupling with loads, often a 12 volt charger.

Battery Charge Maintenance continues to be a major source of inquiries and sales, as well.  These applications can range from motorcycle, ATV / 4-wheeler, snowmobile, street rod, and boat, to camper, travel trailer, and RV.

Be it, hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, backpacking, or cross-country travel – there’s a sun in the sky, and batteries to be charged.  Hand held electronics – cameras, radios, GPS, iPods, iPhones, and iPads, they all need charging via a charger.

Speaking of radios – Ham Radio enthusiasts have even driven development of an alternate assembly with a lighter gauge switch leg.  I was advised that certain models of Motorola Radio, specifically utilize this particular arrangement.

The Surveying industry has even brought inquiries and sales opportunities, as well.  Clearly, use of their electronics in the field drives a need to be able to charge on the go.

Garden, tree, and orchard spraying equipment connection has us corresponding with gardeners, farmers, and ranchers.

Portable food warming devices for use in door-to-door delivery, has emerged out of the international marketplace.

Computer simulation for scenario training is an industry we’ve served, as well.

Questions or comments can be directed to Ray Bowers at 302-562-1706 or email at:



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Solar Capitalist DIY Solar Backup 12V Power Battery Bucket

by on Mar.07, 2017, under Application

Backup 12 Volt Power is a viable source to recharge handheld electronics, and even power communications equipment and low voltage backup lighting.

I am a cat lover (as well as a dog lover), and have 4 rescued cats. Seeing the value of the nifty buckets leftover from buying mass quantities of cat litter, I find all kinds of uses for them. That they are “stackable” makes them all the more attractive for storing all sorts of things, and economizing on space. Meanwhile, I dream up other uses, such as – I built my own portable electronic amplified coyote caller (see previous post).

A DIY (do-it-yourself) Solar Backup 12V Power Battery Bucket is another such use.

Certainly not that I invented the mental processes, but thoughts and the visualization that follows sometimes has me stumble upon realizing worthwhile combinations.

An example would be realizing that a hole drilled with a 7/8″ hole saw to facilitate installing one of our Panel / Bulkhead / Surface Mount 2 Pin Connector configurations, allows passage of Our Enhanced Grip & Extended Strain Relief 2 Pin configurations, as well. About $5 for (8) sets of 8-32 fastener hardware, makes for a professional job of connector flange installation.

So, I set out to combine this assembly with these handy cat litter buckets to build a DIY Solar Backup 12V Power Battery Bucket.

These buckets are of a size that easily handles the weight and dimensions of one of many available sealed AGM batteries used in portable solar powered lights, the bucket walls provide the means of mounting connector assemblies, and the bucket also nicely houses the wiring.


Solar Backup 12V Power Battery Bucket - 7/8" hole saw

Solar Backup 12V Power Battery Bucket - 7/8" hole saw

Solar Backup 12V Power Battery Bucket - assembly penetration

Solar Backup 12V Power Battery Bucket - assembly penetration

Solar Backup 12V Power Battery Bucket - surface mount assembly passing thru

Solar Backup 12V Power Battery Bucket - surface mount assembly passing thru


Solar Backup 12V Power Battery Bucket - 2 Pin assemblies installed

Solar Backup 12V Power Battery Bucket - 2 Pin assemblies installed

At this point I am making up these 2 Pin connector assemblies via solder joints protected with a couple layers of heat shrink tubing. Pending orders, We will move into manufacturing finished product vs assembly by adjoining 2 pigtails resulting in the proper polarity for this application.

A feature I figure will lend to this combination being even more attractive is providing 2 connections for the possibility of both solar battery charging and power use, simultaneously. This is certainly not the optimum use, as it undermines the charge controller’s ability to accurately ascertain and respond to the battery’s condition. But, at times, it may be necessary in meeting immediate needs.

12 AWG Fused Battery Connect Enhanced Grip 2 Pin

12 AWG Fused Battery Connect Enhanced Grip 2 Pin


Assembled Wiring & 2 Pin Connectors within Solar Charged Battery Bucket

Assembled Wiring & 2 Pin Connectors within Solar Charged Battery Bucket

Solar Capitalist LLC is an Authorized Dealer for Deltran and We carry their Solar Power Battery Tender line. These units feature a Deltran charge controller – critical to maintaining optimum battery condition.

We have been using an inexpensive means of supporting Deltran’s 5 Watt, 10 Watt, and 15 Watt Solar Battery Tenders, such that they can be oriented for maximum Sun exposure. Supported on light, inexpensive, plastic saw horses (with the aid of some lengths of 1×2 wood), the setup can be easily carried to a sunny spot, and/or reoriented to be in direct sunlight.

Solar Panel Battery Bucket Setup Pic 002

Solar Panel Battery Bucket Setup Pic 002

Solar Panel Battery Bucket Setup Pic 003

Solar Panel Battery Bucket Setup Pic 003

Solar Panel Battery Bucket Setup Pic 001

Solar Panel Battery Bucket Setup Pic 001

Solar Panel Battery Bucket Setup Pic 004

Solar Panel Battery Bucket Setup Pic 004

It should be kept in mind that this equipment is “portable”. Thus, it is not meant to be left out in the elements for extended periods of time. Nevertheless, the portability lends to the backup use in emergency situations, such as power outages (also potentially handy for camping, etc.). Clearly, the quick connection to “works in a bucket” aspect lends nicely to portability, as well.

Needless to say, setting up some low voltage lighting, and assemblies for connection to handheld electronics and/or other communication equipment, ahead of time would be another step in the direction of preparedness.

We will be adding these 2 pin connector assemblies to our product line on in the near future.

Please email us or call Ray Bowers at 302-562-1706



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2 Pin Connector for Portable Solar – PV

by on Jan.23, 2017, under Configurations

We make available High Quality American Made 2 Pin Connector configurations, with enhanced features tailored to Portable Solar – PV applications.

Flanged Panel / Bulkhead / Surface Mount  2 Pin Connector Junction with 12″ long 12 AWG  Black Cord Pigtails.


Flanged Panel Surface Mount 2 Pin Connector

Flanged Panel Surface Mount 2 Pin Connector


Flanged Panel Surface Mount 2 Pin Junction

Flanged Panel Surface Mount Junction


Shrouded 2 Pin Connector Junction with 12″ long 12 AWG  Black Cord Pigtails.


Shrouded 2 Pin Junction

Shrouded 2 Pin Junction


These assemblies have an enhanced elongated connector body configuration for greater strain relief and ease in manipulation (coupling & uncoupling).

The features of these enhanced connectors are an improvement over shorter configurations used mostly in past automotive applications.  An example would be the SAE 2 Pole Flat connectors for 12 volt trailer hitch applications manufactured by Hopkins ( Part No. 47965 ).

Our Improved Design Connectors are great for Portable Solar Applications, especially PV on Campers, Motor Homes, Travel Trailers, and Boats, for Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, as well as, Emergency Preparedness.

Shroud design provides greater water resistance, especially installed with shroud edge down, such that it provides a “drip edge”.


Shrouded 2 Pin showing drip edge

Shrouded 2 Pin showing drip edge


Elongated configuration, enhanced with serrations for better grip is much more easily manipulated (coupled & uncoupled).

Combined with the benefit of greater strain relief, our extended configuration is the High Quality Heavy Duty alternative to the generic configuration.

We manufacture under the name Bohemian Biker LLC, and carry out ecommerce under the name Solar Capitalist LLC.

Technical posts can be found at and ecommerce at

Email Ray Bowers at

Commercial Customers interested in Quantity orders are encouraged to call Ray Bowers at 302-562-1706



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2 Way Connector as an Alternate Designation for SAE 2 Pin

by on May.07, 2016, under Terminology

Clearly, there are a large number of people who don’t even know these particular designations.

We have been banking on the “SAE 2 Pin” designation, as we feel this automotive designation is most appropriate.

In the interest of capturing the attention of a greater number of seekers, we are keenly attentive to what words others might use in a search.

Somehow “2 way” doesn’t seem all that descriptive, but nevertheless it seems to have caught on with at least a few manufacturers, suppliers, and seekers.

Furthermore, it seems ironic (at least to US – focused on “Made in USA”) that a product manufactured outside the US should become the most prevalent found via an internet search. The Hopkins Manufacturing product 47965 labeled a “2 Pole Flat” connector assembly is found in the towing or trailer equipment area of many discount automotive stores.

Hopkins 2 Pole Flat 47965

Hopkins Product 47965

In our experience (as discussed in previous posts), we have come upon such phrases as “2 prong”, “2 pole”, “2 conductor”, “flat trailer connector”, “12 volt dc connector” being used, as well.

It’s somewhat puzzling to US that the manufacturers of a product marketed and sold in “automotive” stores would chose designations other than that of SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers). Maybe the SAE has rights to that specific designation, and that precludes use of the designation? It wouldn’t seem so, considering the connector design itself is used and simply labeled with an alternate designation.

Without a doubt, what matters is what gets the seeker to that which he or she seeks.

Solar Capitalist LLC products at

Tech Discussions at

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SAE 2 Pin Connector Commercial Application

by on Jan.23, 2015, under Availability

Solar Capitalist LLC and Bohemian Biker LLC are Patriotic American Citizen Owned & Operated Family Business ventures, established in 2008.  We continue to grow Our Product Line in response to Customer desires, and strive to create positive Customer experiences with Our business processes.  This SAE 2 Pin blog is one of the means by which We attempt to capture the attention of those seeking knowledge with respect to, or a Customer oriented source for Top Quality SAE 2 Pin Connectors.

Over the past 7 years, We have grown from a business addressing the needs of individual do-it-yourself Customers, to a business working hand-in-hand with other businesses – making SAE 2 Pin Connectors available in a range of wire gauge and assembly lengths has become Our forte.

We’ve leveraged the needs of businesses seeking large quantities of SAE 2 Pin assemblies, into an opportunity for individuals to obtain SAE 2 Pin assemblies to meet their needs.  Often, the order size of a commercial customer makes production feasible – and thereby precipitates the availability to those requiring even single assemblies.

Customer requirements have also driven Us to widen Our services to include custom assembly to meet application specific needs.  For example, making soldered/heat shrink protected connections.

We are ever vigilant for opportunities to expand Our Product Line, and provide Services that are desired & appreciated by Our Customers.  Often, a product is the culmination of a process involving interaction throughout the development & production processes.

Applications have been encountered that stretch the use of SAE 2 Pin Connectors beyond those of the past, and in some cases – features have been added to facilitate such application.

Engineering background developed during many years spent in a long list of field, residential, commercial and industrial environments have enabled Us to wade through the wide range of specifications that We have encountered.

We have ventured into fields & applications far beyond those We initially set out to address.  This 12 Volt DC Connector is often encountered as a Hopkins Trailer Connector P/N 47965 and sometimes called a 2 pole flat connector and used as a Quick Connect or Disconnect.  What started with motorcycle applications, battery tenders, and portable solar chargers, has transitioned to – what applications are yet to be found for the SAE 2 Pin Connector?

Even more important is an intention toward Customer Focus.  Specific Customer needs & desires are seen as an Opportunity.

Customer inquiries are Always Appreciated, and We remain Ready & Willing to address Yours – Call Us at 302-562-1706

Ray Bowers



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Availability of SAE 2 Pin Connectors and Connector Assemblies

by on Oct.25, 2012, under Availability

In addition to providing a forum for dicussions pertinent to SAE 2 Pin Connectors, making SAE 2 Pin connectors and assemblies readily available with a range of wire sizes at economical prices is our mission.

This website was created to be even more specific to the SAE 2 Pin Connector – rather than it’s application.  It was created to supplement our initial websites: and

For those wishing to procure SAE 2 Pin connector assemblies in quantity, we strongly suggest calling us at 302-562-1706, or emailing us at sae2pinray@sae2pincom

Calling or emailing will allow us the opportunity to address your needs/desires specifically.

We have a very large inventory of the 16 AWG SAE 2 Pin Extension (12″) Assembly most widely available on a retail basis – in bulk form (i.e., not coiled up in individual packaging).


Often not immediately recognized – this 12″ extension can be cut in half (into 2 connector “pigtails”) to provide a”junction” when the plugs are connected, i.e., the red “hot” lead mapped to the exposed “male” pin on one connector (“load” side) mates up with the protected “female” socket side of the other (“power” side) connector pigtail.  We make this differentiation between “Load” side and “Power” side because as a matter of safe practice – Red insulation indicating “Hot” (+) Positive by standard would lead to the protected “female” socket side on the “power source” side (for example, battery side) of the Junction.

These handy, inexpensive SAE 2 Pin assemblies are often used to provide a circuit disconnection point in a convenient location – most often in 12 volt lighting and accessory circuit systems.

Where the quality associated with offshore mass production is adequate, these assemblies might be your choice – for applications in which higher quality assemblies produced here in the USA would be best, we can certainly meet those requirements, as well !!!

Again – we strongly recommend calling us at 302-562-1706, or emailing us at

We are well prepared to address your SAE 2 Pin connector assembly needs !!!


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DC Connector Terminology

by on Mar.09, 2012, under Terminology

Whenever one choses to delve into a technical topic, it’s worthwhile to begin with a study of pertinent terminology.  Generally speaking, it won’t be long before you start bumping into terms that are key to gaining an understanding.

The handy SAE 2 Pin connector is a great example.  We all had some exposure to basic electrical concepts in our early years, but not everyone has experienced continued exposure throughout their life.

If you were to begin looking for some information on the SAE 2 Pin connector, you’d probable come by it being described as a type of “DC connector”.   Now many are reminded of the terms AC and DC by the name of one of my favorite bands.  Some people might understand that what they access at a household electrical outlet is AC, and maybe even that AC stands for “alternating current”.  I hesitate to think that very many people actually have a firm grasp on just what “alternating current” means, let alone – “DC”, and “direct current”.

I’m not poking fun at anybody.  Many of us are very knowledgeable about areas of technology without any reason to have this particular knowledge.  An engineer, and the son of an electrician (early in his career), I’ve had quite a bit of exposure to electrical concepts throughout my life.

Direct Current (DC) being that which pertains to the topic of SAE 2 Pin connectors, that will be our focus in this discussion.  Any discussion of DC vs. AC is going to involve explaining that the “direct” vs. “alternating” pertains to the direction of the flow of electric charge.  Direct Current (DC) is the flow of electric charge in one direction.  Alternating Current (AC) is the flow of electric charge in both directions, i.e., “alternating” one then the other.

Alternating Current (AC) is what we access at household electrical outlets, but it also describes that which is produced by an Alternator.  An alternator converts mechanical energy (the belt driven rotation) to electrical energy in the form of alternating current.  An electrical device called a rectifier converts alternating current (which periodically reverses direction), to direct current (which flows in only one direction).  A rectifier produces a type of DC characterized by pulsating voltages and currents.  This type of DC current may then be further modified into the type of relatively constant voltage DC characteristically produced by such sources as batteries and solar cells.  There’s a lot of room for further discussion along these lines.  For our purposes, let’s leave it at the above for now.

As stated above, it is Direct Current (DC) that is produced by a battery.  It is direct current that used to charge batteries, as well.  Most electronic systems employ a DC power supply.  It follows then that a “DC Connector” is an electrical connector used in supplying Direct Current (DC) power.  There are numerous standardized DC Connectors with specific dimensions and configuration to prevent accidental connection of incompatable sources and loads.

An important aspect of a connector is its “Pinout” – which describes the function of its contacts (or “pins”).  That function may be Power (“+” positive, or “-” negative/ground), or Signal related (as in the case of a USB connector with “+” Data and “-” Data contacts).

When it came time for battery maintenance industry leader, Deltran, to select a DC Connector for the output of their Battery Tender line – the SAE 2 Pin connector was no doubt the hands-down choice.  Common in the automotive industry, its selection by battery maintenance equipment manufacturers makes sense.

Most peoples’ likely exposure to the SAE 2 Pin connector probably has to do with its use in trailer light systems.  SAE 2 Pin assemblies can often be found in the trailer lighting section of automotive stores.  Hopkins Manufacturing (the name you’re likely to most often see associated with trailer light wiring products), calls these 2 Pole Flat connector assemblies – Product No. 47965.

It was then likely to follow that upon development of Portable Solar Chargers, the SAE 2 Pin connector was to be the choice.  Industry leader, Global Solar, chose the SAE 2 Pin connector for the output of the majority of their SUNLINQ line of portable solar chargers.  In fact, their 6.5W and 12W models feature a 5-piece SAE 2 Pin accessory cable kit.

These two applications give rise to the next topic – “polarity”.  Polarity being which side of a particular connector is “hot” (+) positive, and which side is (-) negative.

In the case of Battery Tenders, the connector polarity is driven by the necessity for it to be the “protected” female side of the SAE 2 Pole connector at the end of the assembly connected to a vehicle battery to be the “hot” (+) positive side.  Therefore, the exposed pin side of the SAE 2 Pin on the end of a Battery Tender output must be “hot” (+) positve.

Portable Solar Chargers are a different situation, since the solar cells are a power source.  Their output connection must therefore be of the polarity which will have the “protected”  female side of the SAE 2 Pin connection being the “hot” (+) positive.  Accessory assemblies must then be of a polarity in which the exposed male pin of the SAE 2 Pin meant to be plugged into the output connection of a portable solar charger must be the “hot” (+) positve.

Anyone connecting leads in circuits such as those discribed above must be carefully mindful of polarity.  There may even be times when it is necessary to use a multi-tester to confirm polarity.  The continuity test function of a multi-tester can be employed to determine which contact (or pin) on the connector at one end of a lead is mapped to (leads to) which contact on the connector at the other end.

Well, we’ve covered quite a few electrical terms and concepts – enough for now.

In addition to questions of concerns in the form of comments to this Blog post, email is welcome at:

We invite you to visit  for additional information – you’ll find a blog format there too!

Our products are available through our e-commerce website at:  

Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling products such as those discussed above, as well as, Deltran’s line of  Battery Tenders, and Global’s SUNLINQ line Portable Solar Chargers.

Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !



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SAE 2 Pin Assemblies Manufactured in the USA !!!

by on Feb.09, 2012, under USA #1

Our own SAE 2 Pin assemblies are manufactured right here in the USA.  The quality is indicative of American workmanship.  Each and every piece is visually inspected in an effort to assure the highest level of quality is maintained.

We make other manufacturer’s products available, as well – some of which may have been produced outside of the USA.  These are quality products, as well, meeting the necessary form, fit, and function requirements of their intended use.  The companies that manufacture these products (or contract for their manufacture), conduct quality control inspections of these products and stand behind them.

There are also the mass produced SAE 2 Pin connector assemblies available on the market (generally found in discount automotive stores).  Having handled thousands of these light duty SAE 2 Pin assemblies produced outside of the USA, we have become accustomed to seeing a significant number of what we call “blems”.  These “blemished” assemblies generally have a visual defect, cosmetic in nature.  For example, a very small (sometimes almost indiscernible) void in the molded plastic of the connector body which exposes a minute amount of insulation.  Again, these are cosmetic in nature, and do not negatively impact the form, fit, and function of the connector – they can still carry out their intended function in a perfectly safe manner.  If you were to buy a number of these individually packaged SAE 2 Pin assemblies, you would likely come upon a “blem” or two.

Our position is one based in perceiving a world of plenty.  There exists an opportunity for any manufacturer to bring their products to the global marketplace.  The world will be the judge of the viability of those products – based on their quality, price, and availability.

As American Citizens, and as a U.S. Citizen-owned companies – We are committed to putting America 1st.  Manufacturing in America 1st, and obtaining supplies and services here in America 1st.  That’s conscientiously doing Our part as American Citizens to keep America 1st by giving Americans the opportunity to produce 1st.  It is up to each and every one of US, as American Citizens, to see to it We are competitive in the Global Marketplace.  When we’re not, the sales and the supporting production will go to those who are – that’s inherant in the “free” marketplace.


Your email is welcome at:

We invite you to visit  for additional information – you’ll find a blog format there too!

Our products are available through our e-commerce website at:  

Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling products such as those discussed above, as well as, Deltran’s line of  Battery Tenders, and Global’s SUNLINQ line Portable Solar Chargers.

Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !

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SAE 2 Pin Defined

by on Feb.08, 2012, under Terminology

As indicated by the “SAE” aspect of this connector’s designation, the specifications for this connector were developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers.  Learning that, we are quick to realize this connector was (at least initially) intended for use in automotive industry applications.   Therefore, the SAE 2 Pin Connector was developed for use in DC (Direct Current) circuits – most often 12 Volt DC.  So in the world of electrical connectors, the SAE 2 Pin Connector would be loosely defined as a type of “DC Connector”.

Further defintion of an SAE 2 Pin might include the description “hermaphrodite” two conductor DC connector.  The term “hermaphrodite” is applicable because each connector includes both “male” and “female” components – an exposed “male” pin, and a protected “female” socket.

An SAE 2 Pin Connector is often seen on the output of battery maintenance equipment, such as the industry leader – Deltran Battery Tenders.

Therefore, the associated accessory assemblies are outfitted with an SAE 2 Pin connector of the polarity necessary to carry out the intended function.  For example, a Deltran Battery Tender “Quick Connect” assembly, to which a Battery Tender output can be coupled to maintain a motorcycle 12V battery’s charge during periods of little or no use.

Thus far in this post, we have focused on the term “SAE 2 Pin”, but this connector is often given other names – SAE 2 Prong, SAE 2 Pole, SAE 2 Conductor, 2 Pole Flat Trailer Connector, etc.  It’s pretty clear that “SAE 2 Pin’ is indeed the appropriate terminology, based on the connector’s specification developer (SAE – Society of Automotive Engineers) and this term’s consistant use.


The SAE 2 Pin connector has surfaced as the predominant choice in the portable solar charger industry, as well.  For example, Global Solar’s SUNLINQ 6.5 and 12 Watt portable solar chargers have an SAE 2 Pin connector on their output cable.  The associated accessory kit consists of 5 cable assemblies with SAE 2 Pin connectors.  The polarity of these assemblies is specific to their use coupled to the output of the 6.5W or 12W portable solar charger.

Deltran’s 5W, 10W & 15W Solar Panel powered Battery Tenders feature and SAE 2 Pin output, as well.

The predominance of the SAE 2 Pin connector in 12 Volt DC applications is prompting a growing assortment of cable assemblies and adapters.  For example, SAE 2 Pin x COAX adapters.

SAE 2 Pin connectors are being made available in a wider range of wire gauge, as well.  Heavier AWG leads are facilitating greater current carrying capacities, and thereby use in higher current flow applications.


Your email is welcome at:

We invite you to visit  for additional information – you’ll find a blog format there too!

Our products are available through our e-commerce website at:  

Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling products such as those discussed above.

Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !

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