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Electronic Coyote Caller w/ SAE 2 Pin

by on May.19, 2015, under Application

Our 1st Electronic Coyote Caller – a Business Project, as well as a Hunting Project prompted by the skyrocketing Coyote population in Georgia which is impacting the survival rate of Young Deer & Turkeys – Big Time !!!

Research online quickly provided guidance on components as well as calling.  Within minutes We had a loudspeaker and amplifier ordered on (Radio Shack was recommended, but seems to be tapped out and headed for bankruptcy).

Being Cat Lovers with 3 Rescues, We go through buckets of Kitty Litter. We save the empty litter buckets because We find them very handy & efficient for storage (they’re rectangular, stackable, have lids and a carry handle, etc.).

I was immediately envisioning use of a kitty litter bucket in the assembly of a electronic coyote calling setup.

Coyote Caller Components

Coyote Caller Components

A sealed 12 Volt AGM Battery (We have these on hand for other projects – generally Solar) mounted in the bottom of the bucket would provide weight for stability as well as Power.

Coyote Caller battery mount

Coyote Caller battery mount

A Fused Battery Pigtail with SAE 2 Pin Connector (available from US) will not only provide for access to Power, but for connection to a Battery Tender for recharging as well.

An SAE 2 Pin pigtail with 18 AWG leads (available from US) was installed on the power leads of the amplifier.  The leads on the amplifier are lighter, but this combination lends itself well to ease in coupling & uncoupling, and therefore durability.

Same with the Speaker connection wiring – installed using an SAE 2 Pin Junction with 18 AWG leads.  This facilitates easy disconnection for disassembly.

Part of the Beauty of the Bucket is that it not only facilitates assembly and protects the components – out of sight, but keeps all the wiring & connections contained.

The amplifier was mounted on the underside of the “trap door” lid to facilitate easy access to volume control during operation.

Electronic Coyote Caller Assembled with iPod

Electronic Coyote Caller Assembled with iPod

The bucket was camouflaged with spray paint using leaves & pine boughs for pattern.

Our Parts List:

(1) Pyle PHSP4 Indoor/Outdoor 6″ PA Horn Speaker – 50W

(1) Pyle PLIPA2 Mini Amplifier (w/ iPod connection)

(1) 12 Volt AGM Battery

(1) Fused Battery Pigtail w/ SAE 2 Pin Connector

(3) SAE 2 Pin 18 AWG pigtails + 1/8″ heat shrink tubing & solder (for power & speaker wiring)

(1) Kitty Litter bucket with “trap door” top

(6) Fastener Assy’s for Speaker

(4) Fastener Assy’s for Amplifier

(1) Green, (1) Brown, (1) Gray, (1) Black spray paint (to facilitate camouflage painting using tree limbs, pine boughs, etc.)

*Note: SAE 2 Pin Connectors are also referred to as 2-prong, 2-pole, 2-way, and flat trailer plugs.  They are often found in the battery maintenance industry (for example: on the output of a battery tender) and in the portable solar charger industry.  A basic version is commonly available from Hopkins Manufacturing as P/N 47965 as they are used in the trailer industry.

We endeavor to bring High Quality Made in the USA SAE 2 Pin Connector Assembly Configurations to the Marketplace.

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