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2 Pin Connector for Portable Solar – PV

by on Jan.23, 2017, under Configurations

We make available High Quality American Made 2 Pin Connector configurations, with enhanced features tailored to Portable Solar – PV applications.

Flanged Panel / Bulkhead / Surface Mount  2 Pin Connector Junction with 12″ long 12 AWG  Black Cord Pigtails.


Flanged Panel Surface Mount 2 Pin Connector

Flanged Panel Surface Mount 2 Pin Connector


Flanged Panel Surface Mount 2 Pin Junction

Flanged Panel Surface Mount Junction


Shrouded 2 Pin Connector Junction with 12″ long 12 AWG  Black Cord Pigtails.


Shrouded 2 Pin Junction

Shrouded 2 Pin Junction


These assemblies have an enhanced elongated connector body configuration for greater strain relief and ease in manipulation (coupling & uncoupling).

The features of these enhanced connectors are an improvement over shorter configurations used mostly in past automotive applications.  An example would be the SAE 2 Pole Flat connectors for 12 volt trailer hitch applications manufactured by Hopkins ( Part No. 47965 ).

Our Improved Design Connectors are great for Portable Solar Applications, especially PV on Campers, Motor Homes, Travel Trailers, and Boats, for Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, as well as, Emergency Preparedness.

Shroud design provides greater water resistance, especially installed with shroud edge down, such that it provides a “drip edge”.


Shrouded 2 Pin showing drip edge

Shrouded 2 Pin showing drip edge


Elongated configuration, enhanced with serrations for better grip is much more easily manipulated (coupled & uncoupled).

Combined with the benefit of greater strain relief, our extended configuration is the High Quality Heavy Duty alternative to the generic configuration.

We manufacture under the name Bohemian Biker LLC, and carry out ecommerce under the name Solar Capitalist LLC.

Technical posts can be found at and ecommerce at

Email Ray Bowers at

Commercial Customers interested in Quantity orders are encouraged to call Ray Bowers at 302-562-1706



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Overmold 2 Pin Connector Specification

by on Jan.19, 2017, under Compliance

Extended Shroud 2 Pin Solar Connector

Extended Shroud 2 Pin Solar Connector

We are moving further along in Our efforts to address the emerging business needs of our Customers..  Specifically, we have developed a specification for some of our products gaining significant commercial attention.  This specification is yet another component piece of documentation that addresses commercial customer needs, especially the needs of those commercial enterprises doing business with government agencies or in the international marketplace.

Maintaining the paper trail documenting specified requirements having been met is often critical to qualifying as an approved vendor in today’s marketplace.

We are leveraging on years of previous experience in this business, and having developed the necessary detail oriented approach and follow through.

RoHS, REACH, and Conflict Minerals requirements create even greater need for this detail oriented approach.  Maintaining impeccable files providing a document paper trail with continuity is critical.

Upon researching, we found that there is no specification addressing the SAE 2 Pin overmold connector.  SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Specification J928 addresses “Electrical Terminals – Pin and Receptacle Type” and SAE J1239 addresses 4, 5, and 8 pin trailer connectors, but there doesn’t seem to be an SAE specification for the 2 pin overmold configuration.

Seems the 2 pin overmold configuration was sort of a spin off developed in the early ’80’s using the spacing from the SAE 4 pin connector addressed by SAE J1239.  So, technically speaking, the 2 pin configuration is not governed by any SAE standard, but they were developed to be compliant with SAE J928 and J1239.

Certainly, the SAE perspective was toward automotive applications, including: trailer hitch/lighting wiring, onboard mechanisms (such as power windows), and battery maintenance.

The use of this connector in portable solar applications has presented some new circumstances, ranging from higher current carrying capacities to harsher environments (resistance to ultraviolet light becoming desirable).  In application to Portable PV, added strain relief is clearly a benefit, both in terms of durability and ease of manipulation.

In fact, it may be appropriate for a designation more accurate to the configuration be applied to this connector, such as “2 pin solar connector”.

Questions or requests for additional information about Our 2 Pin Connectors or Specifications can be directed to Ray Bowers at email: or call/text at  302-562-1706

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