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12 Volt DC Electric Connector – SAE 2 Pin

by on Jul.03, 2017, under Configurations

Used to be that where one might 1st encompass an SAE 2 Pin connector would be in a 12 volt DC automotive circuit.

Clearly, the “SAE” (Society of Automotive Engineers) component of the designation is indicative of this initial application.

Widely available is the Hopkins 47965 product available in the trailer wiring department of discount automotive stores.

Later on down the road, it would probably be seeing it on battery charge maintenance equipment like a Deltran Battery Tender.

These days, one’s first exposure could very well be on Portable Solar Power equipment being used to charge hand held electronics.

Current fears regarding terrorism and political unrest has prompted a huge marketplace for the emergency preparedness industry.

The SAE 2 Pin connector configuration used in automotive applications filled the bill at the time, but today’s applications have driven further development.

More frequent coupling and uncoupling in current applications precipitated the the need for greater strain relief, and grip.

Current applications have also led to surface mount configurations, as well as shrouded configurations to minimize exposure to environmental elements.

SAE 2 Pin use by portable solar manufacturers in the development of products serving the US Military, as well as the Civilian marketplace, has prompted additional applications and significant DIY (do-it-yourself) use.

We have been serving this market with SAE 2 Pin assemblies employing enhanced configurations, as well as a wider range of AWG options.

Currently available SAE 2 Pin connector configurations and assemblies can be viewed at:

Commercial Buyers are asked to please contact us for quantity discounts vs ordering via ecommerce.

Inquiries can be directed to Ray Bowers by call/text to 302-562-1706 or email at:

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Latest List of Applications for SAE 2 Pin Connector Assemblies

by on Jun.28, 2017, under Application

Thought after close to 10 years of developing a product line of SAE 2 Pin Connector Assemblies, I’d take an opportunity to share the growing list of applications we’ve discovered through contact with both DIY and commercial customers.

No doubt the largest number of inquiries and sales are related to portable solar power applications.  This makes sense, as many pieces of portable solar equipment come equipped with SAE 2 Pin Connections.

Government / Military applications have driven significant government contractor inquiries and sales.  Specifically, electronic target system target moving apparatus for tactical training has been an application we’ve encountered.  Meeting greater specification and documentation requirements has been key to this business.

The SHTF / Prepper emergency preparedness industry has certainly prompted many to consider portable backup power equipment, and SAE 2 Pin Connectors lend themselves to ready coupling with loads, often a 12 volt charger.

Battery Charge Maintenance continues to be a major source of inquiries and sales, as well.  These applications can range from motorcycle, ATV / 4-wheeler, snowmobile, street rod, and boat, to camper, travel trailer, and RV.

Be it, hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, backpacking, or cross-country travel – there’s a sun in the sky, and batteries to be charged.  Hand held electronics – cameras, radios, GPS, iPods, iPhones, and iPads, they all need charging via a charger.

Speaking of radios – Ham Radio enthusiasts have even driven development of an alternate assembly with a lighter gauge switch leg.  I was advised that certain models of Motorola Radio, specifically utilize this particular arrangement.

The Surveying industry has even brought inquiries and sales opportunities, as well.  Clearly, use of their electronics in the field drives a need to be able to charge on the go.

Garden, tree, and orchard spraying equipment connection has us corresponding with gardeners, farmers, and ranchers.

Portable food warming devices for use in door-to-door delivery, has emerged out of the international marketplace.

Computer simulation for scenario training is an industry we’ve served, as well.

Questions or comments can be directed to Ray Bowers at 302-562-1706 or email at:



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Solar Capitalist DIY Solar Backup 12V Power Battery Bucket

by on Mar.07, 2017, under Application

Backup 12 Volt Power is a viable source to recharge handheld electronics, and even power communications equipment and low voltage backup lighting.

I am a cat lover (as well as a dog lover), and have 4 rescued cats. Seeing the value of the nifty buckets leftover from buying mass quantities of cat litter, I find all kinds of uses for them. That they are “stackable” makes them all the more attractive for storing all sorts of things, and economizing on space. Meanwhile, I dream up other uses, such as – I built my own portable electronic amplified coyote caller (see previous post).

A DIY (do-it-yourself) Solar Backup 12V Power Battery Bucket is another such use.

Certainly not that I invented the mental processes, but thoughts and the visualization that follows sometimes has me stumble upon realizing worthwhile combinations.

An example would be realizing that a hole drilled with a 7/8″ hole saw to facilitate installing one of our Panel / Bulkhead / Surface Mount 2 Pin Connector configurations, allows passage of Our Enhanced Grip & Extended Strain Relief 2 Pin configurations, as well. About $5 for (8) sets of 8-32 fastener hardware, makes for a professional job of connector flange installation.

So, I set out to combine this assembly with these handy cat litter buckets to build a DIY Solar Backup 12V Power Battery Bucket.

These buckets are of a size that easily handles the weight and dimensions of one of many available sealed AGM batteries used in portable solar powered lights, the bucket walls provide the means of mounting connector assemblies, and the bucket also nicely houses the wiring.


Solar Backup 12V Power Battery Bucket - 7/8" hole saw

Solar Backup 12V Power Battery Bucket - 7/8" hole saw

Solar Backup 12V Power Battery Bucket - assembly penetration

Solar Backup 12V Power Battery Bucket - assembly penetration

Solar Backup 12V Power Battery Bucket - surface mount assembly passing thru

Solar Backup 12V Power Battery Bucket - surface mount assembly passing thru


Solar Backup 12V Power Battery Bucket - 2 Pin assemblies installed

Solar Backup 12V Power Battery Bucket - 2 Pin assemblies installed

At this point I am making up these 2 Pin connector assemblies via solder joints protected with a couple layers of heat shrink tubing. Pending orders, We will move into manufacturing finished product vs assembly by adjoining 2 pigtails resulting in the proper polarity for this application.

A feature I figure will lend to this combination being even more attractive is providing 2 connections for the possibility of both solar battery charging and power use, simultaneously. This is certainly not the optimum use, as it undermines the charge controller’s ability to accurately ascertain and respond to the battery’s condition. But, at times, it may be necessary in meeting immediate needs.

12 AWG Fused Battery Connect Enhanced Grip 2 Pin

12 AWG Fused Battery Connect Enhanced Grip 2 Pin


Assembled Wiring & 2 Pin Connectors within Solar Charged Battery Bucket

Assembled Wiring & 2 Pin Connectors within Solar Charged Battery Bucket

Solar Capitalist LLC is an Authorized Dealer for Deltran and We carry their Solar Power Battery Tender line. These units feature a Deltran charge controller – critical to maintaining optimum battery condition.

We have been using an inexpensive means of supporting Deltran’s 5 Watt, 10 Watt, and 15 Watt Solar Battery Tenders, such that they can be oriented for maximum Sun exposure. Supported on light, inexpensive, plastic saw horses (with the aid of some lengths of 1×2 wood), the setup can be easily carried to a sunny spot, and/or reoriented to be in direct sunlight.

Solar Panel Battery Bucket Setup Pic 002

Solar Panel Battery Bucket Setup Pic 002

Solar Panel Battery Bucket Setup Pic 003

Solar Panel Battery Bucket Setup Pic 003

Solar Panel Battery Bucket Setup Pic 001

Solar Panel Battery Bucket Setup Pic 001

Solar Panel Battery Bucket Setup Pic 004

Solar Panel Battery Bucket Setup Pic 004

It should be kept in mind that this equipment is “portable”. Thus, it is not meant to be left out in the elements for extended periods of time. Nevertheless, the portability lends to the backup use in emergency situations, such as power outages (also potentially handy for camping, etc.). Clearly, the quick connection to “works in a bucket” aspect lends nicely to portability, as well.

Needless to say, setting up some low voltage lighting, and assemblies for connection to handheld electronics and/or other communication equipment, ahead of time would be another step in the direction of preparedness.

We will be adding these 2 pin connector assemblies to our product line on in the near future.

Please email us or call Ray Bowers at 302-562-1706



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2 Pin Connector for Portable Solar – PV

by on Jan.23, 2017, under Configurations

We make available High Quality American Made 2 Pin Connector configurations, with enhanced features tailored to Portable Solar – PV applications.

Flanged Panel / Bulkhead / Surface Mount  2 Pin Connector Junction with 12″ long 12 AWG  Black Cord Pigtails.


Flanged Panel Surface Mount 2 Pin Connector

Flanged Panel Surface Mount 2 Pin Connector


Flanged Panel Surface Mount 2 Pin Junction

Flanged Panel Surface Mount Junction


Shrouded 2 Pin Connector Junction with 12″ long 12 AWG  Black Cord Pigtails.


Shrouded 2 Pin Junction

Shrouded 2 Pin Junction


These assemblies have an enhanced elongated connector body configuration for greater strain relief and ease in manipulation (coupling & uncoupling).

The features of these enhanced connectors are an improvement over shorter configurations used mostly in past automotive applications.  An example would be the SAE 2 Pole Flat connectors for 12 volt trailer hitch applications manufactured by Hopkins ( Part No. 47965 ).

Our Improved Design Connectors are great for Portable Solar Applications, especially PV on Campers, Motor Homes, Travel Trailers, and Boats, for Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, as well as, Emergency Preparedness.

Shroud design provides greater water resistance, especially installed with shroud edge down, such that it provides a “drip edge”.


Shrouded 2 Pin showing drip edge

Shrouded 2 Pin showing drip edge


Elongated configuration, enhanced with serrations for better grip is much more easily manipulated (coupled & uncoupled).

Combined with the benefit of greater strain relief, our extended configuration is the High Quality Heavy Duty alternative to the generic configuration.

We manufacture under the name Bohemian Biker LLC, and carry out ecommerce under the name Solar Capitalist LLC.

Technical posts can be found at and ecommerce at

Email Ray Bowers at

Commercial Customers interested in Quantity orders are encouraged to call Ray Bowers at 302-562-1706



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Overmold 2 Pin Connector Specification

by on Jan.19, 2017, under Compliance

Extended Shroud 2 Pin Solar Connector

Extended Shroud 2 Pin Solar Connector

We are moving further along in Our efforts to address the emerging business needs of our Customers..  Specifically, we have developed a specification for some of our products gaining significant commercial attention.  This specification is yet another component piece of documentation that addresses commercial customer needs, especially the needs of those commercial enterprises doing business with government agencies or in the international marketplace.

Maintaining the paper trail documenting specified requirements having been met is often critical to qualifying as an approved vendor in today’s marketplace.

We are leveraging on years of previous experience in this business, and having developed the necessary detail oriented approach and follow through.

RoHS, REACH, and Conflict Minerals requirements create even greater need for this detail oriented approach.  Maintaining impeccable files providing a document paper trail with continuity is critical.

Upon researching, we found that there is no specification addressing the SAE 2 Pin overmold connector.  SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Specification J928 addresses “Electrical Terminals – Pin and Receptacle Type” and SAE J1239 addresses 4, 5, and 8 pin trailer connectors, but there doesn’t seem to be an SAE specification for the 2 pin overmold configuration.

Seems the 2 pin overmold configuration was sort of a spin off developed in the early ’80’s using the spacing from the SAE 4 pin connector addressed by SAE J1239.  So, technically speaking, the 2 pin configuration is not governed by any SAE standard, but they were developed to be compliant with SAE J928 and J1239.

Certainly, the SAE perspective was toward automotive applications, including: trailer hitch/lighting wiring, onboard mechanisms (such as power windows), and battery maintenance.

The use of this connector in portable solar applications has presented some new circumstances, ranging from higher current carrying capacities to harsher environments (resistance to ultraviolet light becoming desirable).  In application to Portable PV, added strain relief is clearly a benefit, both in terms of durability and ease of manipulation.

In fact, it may be appropriate for a designation more accurate to the configuration be applied to this connector, such as “2 pin solar connector”.

Questions or requests for additional information about Our 2 Pin Connectors or Specifications can be directed to Ray Bowers at email: or call/text at  302-562-1706

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SAE 2 Pin Experience & Specialization

by on Nov.13, 2016, under USA #1

Ray Bowers, administrator here at , is a hands on Engineer specializing in custom SAE 2 Pin connector development and American Made – USA #1 production to meet specific application and contractual requirements.  We are especially adept at meeting requirements involving custom fixture adaptations, and addressing applications involving repeated manipulation (where greater strain relief and ease of gripping is desired), harsh environments, and/or higher current carrying capacity requirements.  Through injection molding manufacturing processes carried out here in the United States, overmolding has allowed us to achieve much higher quality SAE 2 Pin connector features and configurations.  We have first hand experience in both the battery maintenance industry and the solar industry, and have specialized in supporting these industries with SAE 2 Pin connector wire and cable assemblies for almost 10 years.  Engineering, Purchasing, and Materials Management experience in nuclear power, petroleum, chemical, and manufacturing plants has us very capable of addressing domestic and international commercial needs, such as Certificates of Conformance, and chemical use related certifications.  We have experience in meeting needs relevant to government contracts, and welcome opportunities to address the pertinent needs of government contractors, as well.  Feel free to call or text Ray Bowers at 302-562-1706, or email at:

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Electronics, Prototyping, Open Source, and Capitalism

by on Oct.28, 2016, under USA #1

While recovering from an illness (double pneumonia) almost ten years ago, I managed to do a significant amount of reading. There was a growing list of books I’d seen referenced (many while reading the “Rich Dad / Poor Dad” series) that I had long had intentions of reading. The list included such works as “The World is Flat” by Thomas L. Friedman, “Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell, and “Wikinomics” by Anthony D. Williams and Don Tapscott. These books had great impact on my perspective, and as a result my, “post recovery” path forward.

The “Rich Dad / Poor Dad” series left me determined to pursue being a business owner – “minding my own business”, as Robert Kiyosaki put it.

“The World is Flat” opened my eyes to how the world was changing as a result of the Internet. “Tipping Point” enlightened me about how the mechanism of change was occurring in today’s world.

In “Wikinomics” I learned the role the “wiki concept” would play in leveraging the input of virtually anyone, in solving virtually anything. I had heard of “Open Source” before, and had a vague understanding, but my understanding was broadened by the “wiki concept”.

Being a Patriotic American with a strong belief in the benefits of Capitalism, although I saw the light with respect to these concepts, they were somewhat confronting. Having worked for General Electric during the tenure of “Neutron Jack” Welch, I was tasked with “protecting the family jewels”, as in “proprietary information”. So, concepts involving the sharing of information regarding developments was a stretch.

Meanwhile, seeing the reality of a developing Global Economy, and the participation of those far beyond Our shores, clearly long held concepts were going to be challenged. Having become interested in solar power, I had begun paying close attention to the manufacturing capacity for solar cells developing worldwide. This emerging solar marketplace was an example of a product’s refinement and production occurring in the competitive global economy.

Creations developed and refined on an “open source” basis leveraged by the Internet, are certainly going to continue to be a formidable challenge to past attitudes toward proprietary information.

Consider the Arduino microcontroller, developed and refined on an “open source” basis, making it not only possible, but within relatively inexpensive reach for individuals worldwide to prototype and test their problem solving gizmo.

The initial development of the Arduino microcontroller emerged in followup to “Wiring” and “Processing”. In 2001, Casey Reas and Benjamin Fry started “Processing” (a processing language based on Java). “Processing” was developed with the intention of getting non-programmers programming, via a digital sketchbook to facilitate them trying and experimenting with their ideas. In 2003, Hernando Barragan began developing a microcontroller called “Wiring”, with the intention of getting people involved with electronics. Then in 2005, Massimo Banzi and David Cuartielles embarked on the development of the Arduino microcontroller.

Being an Engineer, I’ve always been intrigued by Electronics, but haven’t had occasion to delve very deep into actually assembling electronic components into a functioning apparatus.

Most of my career spent in oil, chemical, and nuclear power industries, has been in plant construction and maintenance. Both construction and pipe replacement projects had me involved in welding. Due to the radiation exposure, more specifically – remotely controlled (from a clean environment) automated welding aided by video and audio. Electrical equipment later became another area of specialty.

Ultimately, I came to carve out this niche around SAE 2 Pin connectors and connector assemblies in a wide range of configurations – especially heavier gauge conductors.

More recently coming to be more familiar with the Arduino microcontroller, I’ve become all the more intrigued with electronics.

Clearly, a focus of mine are applications in which an SAE 2 Pin connector assembly will fill the bill. Certainly, power circuits for apparatus controlled by a microcontroller will precipitate applications for SAE 2 Pin connector assemblies.

As the Premier Supplier of SAE 2Pin Connector Assemblies, a mission is to assist the interested by facilitating pertinent interaction. The intention is to open eyes to possibilities, inform, and educate, as well as facilitate. As in facilitate the sharing of knowledge by those possessing it, and encourage the asking and answering of questions.

We look forward to comments from a diverse group of interested contributors, and welcome questions and suggestions, as well!

Feel free to call or text Ray Bowers at 302-562-1706, or email at:

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SAE 2 Pin Max Strain Relief & Grip

by on May.13, 2015, under Configurations, HD Variations, USA #1

SAE 2 Pin Max Strain Relief Grip

SAE 2 Pin Max Strain Relief Grip

News Flash: We’ve responded to Customer Feedback with the above SAE 2 Pin Configuration featuring enhanced Strain Relief and Grip.

We often hear customers lament with respect to the impact of frequent manipulation of the economical mass produced SAE 2 Pin connectors available in discount automotive stores.  Specifically, trouble coupling & uncoupling connectors, and conductors breaking within the insulation at the back end of the connector.  Clearly, these connector configurations are not designed with ease in coupling & uncoupling in mind.

In Answer to the Desires of Our Customers, We have Produced the above Enhanced Configuration featuring Max Strain Relief & Grip.

Please note that these Connectors are also referred to as 2-prong, 2-pole, 2-way, and flat trailer plugs.  They are often found in the battery maintenance industry (for example: on the output of a battery tender) and in the portable solar charger industry.  A basic version is commonly available from Hopkins Manufacturing as P/N 47965 as they are used in the trailer industry.

We endeavor to bring High Quality Made in the USA SAE 2 Pin Connector Assembly Configurations to the Marketplace.

Link to the Products pictured above:

To view our full Product Line – Please visit our Solar Capitalist LLC ecommerce store at:

For Commercial Quantity purchases – Please Call Us at 302-562-1706 or email Us at:




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SAE 2 Pin Defined

by on Feb.08, 2012, under Terminology

As indicated by the “SAE” aspect of this connector’s designation, the specifications for this connector were developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers.  Learning that, we are quick to realize this connector was (at least initially) intended for use in automotive industry applications.   Therefore, the SAE 2 Pin Connector was developed for use in DC (Direct Current) circuits – most often 12 Volt DC.  So in the world of electrical connectors, the SAE 2 Pin Connector would be loosely defined as a type of “DC Connector”.

Further defintion of an SAE 2 Pin might include the description “hermaphrodite” two conductor DC connector.  The term “hermaphrodite” is applicable because each connector includes both “male” and “female” components – an exposed “male” pin, and a protected “female” socket.

An SAE 2 Pin Connector is often seen on the output of battery maintenance equipment, such as the industry leader – Deltran Battery Tenders.

Therefore, the associated accessory assemblies are outfitted with an SAE 2 Pin connector of the polarity necessary to carry out the intended function.  For example, a Deltran Battery Tender “Quick Connect” assembly, to which a Battery Tender output can be coupled to maintain a motorcycle 12V battery’s charge during periods of little or no use.

Thus far in this post, we have focused on the term “SAE 2 Pin”, but this connector is often given other names – SAE 2 Prong, SAE 2 Pole, SAE 2 Conductor, 2 Pole Flat Trailer Connector, etc.  It’s pretty clear that “SAE 2 Pin’ is indeed the appropriate terminology, based on the connector’s specification developer (SAE – Society of Automotive Engineers) and this term’s consistant use.


The SAE 2 Pin connector has surfaced as the predominant choice in the portable solar charger industry, as well.  For example, Global Solar’s SUNLINQ 6.5 and 12 Watt portable solar chargers have an SAE 2 Pin connector on their output cable.  The associated accessory kit consists of 5 cable assemblies with SAE 2 Pin connectors.  The polarity of these assemblies is specific to their use coupled to the output of the 6.5W or 12W portable solar charger.

Deltran’s 5W, 10W & 15W Solar Panel powered Battery Tenders feature and SAE 2 Pin output, as well.

The predominance of the SAE 2 Pin connector in 12 Volt DC applications is prompting a growing assortment of cable assemblies and adapters.  For example, SAE 2 Pin x COAX adapters.

SAE 2 Pin connectors are being made available in a wider range of wire gauge, as well.  Heavier AWG leads are facilitating greater current carrying capacities, and thereby use in higher current flow applications.


Your email is welcome at:

We invite you to visit  for additional information – you’ll find a blog format there too!

Our products are available through our e-commerce website at:  

Solar Capitalist LLC is our sister company handling products such as those discussed above.

Capitalize on the Sun’s Energy !

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