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Latest List of Applications for SAE 2 Pin Connector Assemblies

by on Jun.28, 2017, under Application

Thought after close to 10 years of developing a product line of SAE 2 Pin Connector Assemblies, I’d take an opportunity to share the growing list of applications we’ve discovered through contact with both DIY and commercial customers.

No doubt the largest number of inquiries and sales are related to portable solar power applications.  This makes sense, as many pieces of portable solar equipment come equipped with SAE 2 Pin Connections.

Government / Military applications have driven significant government contractor inquiries and sales.  Specifically, electronic target system target moving apparatus for tactical training has been an application we’ve encountered.  Meeting greater specification and documentation requirements has been key to this business.

The SHTF / Prepper emergency preparedness industry has certainly prompted many to consider portable backup power equipment, and SAE 2 Pin Connectors lend themselves to ready coupling with loads, often a 12 volt charger.

Battery Charge Maintenance continues to be a major source of inquiries and sales, as well.  These applications can range from motorcycle, ATV / 4-wheeler, snowmobile, street rod, and boat, to camper, travel trailer, and RV.

Be it, hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, backpacking, or cross-country travel – there’s a sun in the sky, and batteries to be charged.  Hand held electronics – cameras, radios, GPS, iPods, iPhones, and iPads, they all need charging via a charger.

Speaking of radios – Ham Radio enthusiasts have even driven development of an alternate assembly with a lighter gauge switch leg.  I was advised that certain models of Motorola Radio, specifically utilize this particular arrangement.

The Surveying industry has even brought inquiries and sales opportunities, as well.  Clearly, use of their electronics in the field drives a need to be able to charge on the go.

Garden, tree, and orchard spraying equipment connection has us corresponding with gardeners, farmers, and ranchers.

Portable food warming devices for use in door-to-door delivery, has emerged out of the international marketplace.

Computer simulation for scenario training is an industry we’ve served, as well.

Questions or comments can be directed to Ray Bowers at 302-562-1706 or email at:



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Tactical Training Target System Components

by on Oct.07, 2016, under Tactical Training Target System Components

As a result of the use of Our SAE 2 Pin connectors in Tactical Training Target Systems, We have taken special interest in them, and especially in the component equipment. Tactical Training Target System Components would include not only electrical connector assemblies (for example, sae2pin connector assemblies), but linear and rotary actuators, micro controllers, piezo vibration sensors, and polymer targets.

Actively participating in Tactical Training using state of the art Target Systems, as well as participating in the market for components – We believe there will be a spike of interest in designing and assembling automated Target Systems. Upon investigating, we’ve found that the components are not all that sophisticated, and considering the number of shooters there are with pertinent knowledge – its entirely possible and likely there will be DIY (do-it-yourself) activity.

In fact, we’re doing exactly that, and moving up the learning curve. Experimenting with some ideas involving piezo vibration sensors to monitor hits on a polymer target via the deflection of a target support. Also experimenting with connection to an Arduino Micro Controller for controlling a linear or rotary actuator.

We are tapping into supplier recommendations, and working hand in hand to prompt and facilitate discussion and DIY activity. It is our hope to connect with those with an interest, and have an open exchange of ideas, experiences, and lessons learned.

We hope to prompt and facilitate discussion of realistic tactical shooting scenarios, and how they might be created with an automated target system. For example, that polymer targets don’t provide visual or audible feedback, makes for more realistic tactical simulation. Lending to further realism, is a target system arbitrarily setting not only which and how many targets move into view, but also the number of target hits that must be sensed before the target drops from view.

Another topic requiring attention and discussion will be: methods of protecting electronics and mechanical gear from stray bullets. For example, plywood may provide some scenario “prop” value (maybe painted up like brick wall, etc.), and it may provide some structure to which to attach components, but it will not provide protection. The more valuable components are going to need to be strategically placed, or provided “bullet proof” protection. This will certainly add to weight and more complicated set up.

We look forward to comments from a diverse group of interested contributors, and welcome questions and suggestions, as well!

Feel free to call or text Ray Bowers at 302-562-1706, or email at:

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Attention Commercial Customers !!!

by on Oct.02, 2016, under USA #1

We’d like to highlight our SAE 2 Pin products being “Made in USA”, in terms of Quality, as well as fulfilling “Buy American”.

Seems this might be of particular interest to commercial customers, especially those attempting to attract business with branches of the government.

We’d also like to highlight Our familiarity, willingness, and ability to assemble/provide, necessary documents. For example, Certificates of Conformance, and Certificates pertinent to chemicals (example: EU requirements around Substances of Very High Concern – SVHC’s).

Experience gained in nuclear power and chemical industries – engineering, procurement, and materials management (especially with respect to electrical equipment), has enhanced our ability to meet these requirements.

We’ve come to recognize the attention of government contractors involved in developing and manufacturing target systems, as well as other applications, about which we know fewer specifics. We have learned that at least some of these applications involve solar power, and probably communication or navigation devices.

Tactical Training, as well as, engineering experience has aided us in our understanding in these areas, especially Target System applications. Similarly, knowledge of Tactical Gear and training & installation experience gained in the Solar Power Industry has also been a benefit.

We actively participate in Crisis Application Group (CAG) tactical training in firearms, medical, survival techniques. Thus, we’re continuing to gain hands on training & experience in cutting edge pertinent applications.

We welcome anyone with interest or questions to email Ray Bowers at: or call or text at 302-562-1706 (We are a Delaware LLC, but currently located in Georgia).

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American Quality SAE 2 Pin Connector

by on Oct.02, 2016, under USA #1

We have a customer that has used Our Products in His Application for several years now, and he’s recently undergone some pertinent learning.

Initially, in the interest of economy, He had been purchasing some of the cheaper SAE 2 Pin assemblies (elsewhere), coming from offshore.

As might have been anticipated, the lower quality imported product wasn’t holding up to the constant manipulation – coupling & uncoupling.

These short SAE 2 Pin connectors lacking the enhanced reinforcement of Our American Made line, often succumb to conductor breakage within the insulation at the back of the connector body.

This occurs because with manipulation, the conductors get bent back and forth and work harden – making them brittle and subject to breakage.

Our American Made SAE 2 Pin Connectors have an Extended Body which adds Reinforcement, and therefore “Strain Relief”, thus avoiding that type failure.

The Extended Body of Our American Made SAE 2 Pin Connectors also provides for Enhanced Grip and Ease in Manipulation.

These Features are Especially Appreciated in not only High Use Applications, but Harsh Environments as well.

Consider coupling and uncoupling in Frigid Weather when the materials are not only hard & brittle, but the wearing of gloves may make the Extended Body Much Appreciated.

Beyond the Basic Extended Body SAE 2 Pin Connector We offer with 18 & 16 AWG, We offer an Enhanced Grip Model with 12 AWG.

We also make this Enhanced Grip Model available in a Shrouded Version, which provides Protection over the Junction.

As can be seen, producing and offering SAE 2 Pin Connectors in an Expanded array of Configurations as well as Wire Gauge & Lengths is what We are all about.

It is Our Mission to Provide Ease in Obtaining the SAE 2 Pin Assemblies that Best Meet Our Customer’s Needs & Desires, be it an existing configuration, a variation, or an assembly Engineered to Meet Unique Specifications.

Our Engineering Experience aids Us in understanding and communicating in a Professional Manner, yet with Intention – We Seek Out and Enjoy interaction with Customers Appreciating Our Willingness to Assist in the Development of an Assembly that would meet Specific Needs.

We will Never Forget Those that have extended Patience & Understanding to Us in the Development of Our Niche, and with Intention – We Attend to Passing that Spirit Forward.

Our Expertise developed out of being Educated as an “Hands On” Agricultural Engineer, spending most of career as an Engineer in the Nuclear Power Industry and other heavy Industrial Environments, and then going “small business” in the Battery Maintenance and Portable Solar Industries.

One of Our Delights is coming to Know New Applications We hadn’t even considered – Examples: Fishing Lights, Electronic Game Calls, Tractor Mounted Spray Units, Portable Power Units, and even Tactical Training Target Systems.

We welcome anyone with interest or questions to email Ray Bowers at: or call/text at 302-562-1706 (We are a Delaware LLC, but currently located in Georgia).

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