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SAE 2 Pin Assemblies Manufactured in the USA !!!

by on Feb.09, 2012, under USA #1

Our own SAE 2 Pin assemblies are manufactured right here in the USA.  The quality is indicative of American workmanship.  Each and every piece is visually inspected in an effort to assure the highest level of quality is maintained.

We make other manufacturer’s products available, as well – some of which may have been produced outside of the USA.  These are quality products, as well, meeting the necessary form, fit, and function requirements of their intended use.  The companies that manufacture these products (or contract for their manufacture), conduct quality control inspections of these products and stand behind them.

There are also the mass produced SAE 2 Pin connector assemblies available on the market (generally found in discount automotive stores).  Having handled thousands of these light duty SAE 2 Pin assemblies produced outside of the USA, we have become accustomed to seeing a significant number of what we call “blems”.  These “blemished” assemblies generally have a visual defect, cosmetic in nature.  For example, a very small (sometimes almost indiscernible) void in the molded plastic of the connector body which exposes a minute amount of insulation.  Again, these are cosmetic in nature, and do not negatively impact the form, fit, and function of the connector – they can still carry out their intended function in a perfectly safe manner.  If you were to buy a number of these individually packaged SAE 2 Pin assemblies, you would likely come upon a “blem” or two.

Our position is one based in perceiving a world of plenty.  There exists an opportunity for any manufacturer to bring their products to the global marketplace.  The world will be the judge of the viability of those products – based on their quality, price, and availability.

As American Citizens, and as a U.S. Citizen-owned companies – We are committed to putting America 1st.  Manufacturing in America 1st, and obtaining supplies and services here in America 1st.  That’s conscientiously doing Our part as American Citizens to keep America 1st by giving Americans the opportunity to produce 1st.  It is up to each and every one of US, as American Citizens, to see to it We are competitive in the Global Marketplace.  When we’re not, the sales and the supporting production will go to those who are – that’s inherant in the “free” marketplace.


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